The Foundation supports programs that address the developmental needs of youth and their families. We are particularly interested in programs that:

  • Help youth develop character and gain the necessary life skills, attitudes, perseverance and resilience to make informed and responsible life choices to succeed in school and beyond .
  • Provide opportunities for creative expression, physical well-being and enhancement of individual strengths.
  • Foster leadership development, personal responsibility and service to the community.

Featured Grant:

Teen Success, Inc.  |

Teen Success, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to the success of teen mothers and their children. Their mission is to help underserved teen mothers and their children become educated, self- sufficient, valued members of society. They serve teen mothers in the Bay Area, Central Valley and Central Coast of California.

Teen Success, Inc. strongly believes having a baby as a teen is not a permanent barrier to success in school or in life. They believe education is a key factor in breaking the cycle of poverty and investing in a teen mother is an investment in the success of two generations. They are creating a pathway out of poverty for both mother and child through a program combining educational support, life skills development, social emotional learning, parenting skills development with a focus on childhood literacy and reproductive health education. Using this approach, Teen Success, Inc. empowers teen mothers to rise above their challenges and achieve their full potential in school and as parents.

Teen Success, Inc. is breaking the cycle of poverty for teen mothers and their children by providing them with targeted, research-based services, including:

  • One-on-one coaching for 18 months focused on:
    • Case management (to mitigate barriers by developing action plans and connecting to services)
    • Educational navigation (to support school re-enrollment, advocate for services, and ensure on track to graduate)
  • 47-week peer support group focused on:
    • Social emotional learning
    • Parenting education
    • Reproductive health education

Since its inception, Teen Success, Inc.ís program demonstrated significant impact on the lives of teen mothers and their children. In the 2015-16 program year:

  • 94% of members who completed the program graduated from high school or were working towards high school completion at programís end, compared to 38% nationally.
  • Only 4% of members who completed the program had a second child as a teen, compared to 16% state-wide.
  • 99% of members who completed the program reported utilizing positive parenting techniques.
  • 98% of members who completed the program reported reading to their child regularly. 


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