A Message from Becky Morgan
Foundation President

Jim and I were fortunate to have been transferred to Silicon Valley in 1968. As small town, farmers' children by birth, we have benefited from the growth and prosperity of the region. Our desire to give back stems from our gratitude for our good fortune and our belief that those who are so blessed have a unique responsibility to help others. The Morgan Family Foundation is our effort to make a difference by helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential, just as we have been helped over the years to reach our goals. We believe that whether wealth is earned or inherited, it is important to help others. As Nelson Mandela once said, "Any definition of a successful life must include service to others".

The Morgan Family Foundation is a family endeavor. The Foundation's mission and program goals represent the summation of our interests and values. Our shared goal is to see a return on our investments measured by lives changed and communities transformed. The impact of our philanthropy will be seen in young people reaching their educational goals and making responsible life choices, in natural resources protected to aid in the balance of nature and to bring enjoyment to people today and in the future, and to see issues thought to be intractable becoming manageable when addressed by regional stewards through collaboration.
It is important to us that the second and third generations (our children and grandchildren) demonstrate generosity and experience the hard work, the time commitment and the joy of giving to those who use our gifts wisely. We end our Values Statement with "Generosity is contagious and should be encouraged in others." We are proud of the work of the Morgan Family Foundation and encourage all families with resources beyond life's necessities to give forward, whatever their areas of interest.

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